Complete Defibrillation Programs

Your Defibrillation Total Solution
Emergency Medical Group specializes in providing complete early defibrillation programs that can bring the lifesaving protection of defibrillation to your organization, while leaving the details to us. Our programs can provide you with a total solution to implement, manage, and maintain an organization-wide early defibrillation program. Turnkey solutions are tailored to your organizations unique needs, and are cost effective for both large and small organizations.

Complete Programs
Defibrillation Programs typically include the following components:

Defibrillation program components are configured and structured according to the needs of your organization, and can even integrate with heath/safety training or plans you may already have in place.

Getting Started
Implementing your organization's defibrillation program begins by contacting Emergency Medical Group. Just as no two organizations are completely alike, neither are two defibrillation programs. We'll gather some information about your organization, and discuss your program requirements. An program specialist will be assigned to your organization, and develop a roadmap for implementing your program. At no obligation to you. Ready? Click Here to Get Started Now!

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