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When you choose Emergency Medical Group for your defibrillation program you're working with a group of professionals committed to making your program successful. We're here to answer questions you have, and make sure your program runs smoothly.

In conjunction with any defibrillation program, most organizations require the following:

Policies & Procedures
In order to keep a defibrillation program running smoothly over time, Policies and Procedures should be developed that guide the operation of the program, and define the roles and responsibilities of persons involved in the program.

Emergency Medical Group can develop custom Policies and Procedures for organizations, or provide templates and assistance to many common types of organizations wishing to develop their own.

Program Tracking & Supply Replenishment
Automated external defibrillators are reliable and virtually maintenance-free. However, periodic visual inspections of equipment, and replacement of supplies such as batteries and defibrillation pads after expiration or use are essential to maintain the preparedness of your early defibrillation program and to reduce liability.

Emergency Medical Group can assist you in tracking and documenting the equipment and supplies used in your program, whether you're a small organization, or large company.

Responder Tracking & Preparedness
Keeping your responders trained and ready to respond is an important part of your defibrillation program. Re-certification is recommended at least every two years. Emergency Medical Group can assist you in managing and tracking the training requirements of your responders.

Most individuals who do not respond to cardiac arrest on a frequent basis greatly benefit from Emergency Medical Group's skill brief skill refresher sessions, every six months.

Program Promotion
Bystander recognition of sudden cardiac arrest, and activation of your response plan is the critical first step in an emergency. For this reason, it is essential that your program be promoted internally, so even untrained individuals will understand how to summon help. Emergency Medical Group can provide you with materials and assist you in promoting awareness of your defibrillation program.

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