Planning & Site Surveys

Program Roadmap
The first step in any defibrillation program, is proper planning. This typically involves conducting a site survey of the physical location of the defibrillation program, and developing a response plan. This step is the roadmap which guides the rest of the defibrillation program.

Site Survey
A comprehensive site survey considers the following:

  • Physical Location - Buildings, Grounds, Parking, Remote Sites
  • High-Risk Areas
  • Response Barriers
  • People - Staff, Visitors
  • Equipment Placement - Locations, Mounting, Security, Climate, Phone Proximity
  • Operating Hours

Response Planning
Initial Response Planning considers the following:

  • Responder Selection - Who will be selected to respond? How will they be trained, and what will be expected of them?
  • Notification - How will responders be alerted?
  • Response - How will responders physically respond?

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